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Home Products Precision Airless Airless Heavy Duty
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Precision Airless Heavy Duty Paint Sprayers


Precision Airless Heavy Duty pumps are specifically designed for large scale Paint, Plaster and Specialty Coating contractors that need a pump that can handle a wide range of coatings from General purpose house paint to Hi-Builds.  

These long stroke piston pumps are built tough for heavy duty daily use and a long life time. PCL controlled electric motor allows for smooth reliable atomization under all conditions.  

All units include a 2 year warranty and full parts and service support New Zealand wide.

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Designed specifically for professional painting contractors using all types of Hi-Build Epoxy and Solvent based paints.

Includes state of the art electronic control system, Long Stroke Piston and brushless motor allowing for premium finishes, long life and heavy duty use.

All aspects of the Precision Airless STPA31 sprayer are designed for convenience and speed of maintenance and cleaning.

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The Precison Airless STPA35 sprayer can be discribed as a gentle giant. Very quiet running with infinitly adjustable pressure ranging from 200 to 3000 psi.

With the ability to spray materials with up to 98% solids from roof acrylics, elastomeric, block filler, drywall mud and most types of sprayable membrane roof paint the STPA35 is a beast.

Also available is an optional atomizing kit to spray any type of texture of skim coat (not products containing sand or fine stones)

The STPA35 is made specifically for the Professional heavy duty paint and plaster contractor.

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Home Products Precision Airless Airless Heavy Duty


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