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Trailor and Specialised Water Blasters

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Hustler II

The Hustler series is designed to meet the demands of contractors and is a high performing, reliable, long life high usage unit. They are built with heavy duty ceramic piston triplex pumps, strong trolleys with pneumatic tyres and heavy duty gun and lance. These units provide serious power with a good litre flow and have proven there reliability and performance for contractors for many years. 

Hustler III

The bigger brother to the hustler II. Hustler III offers both bigger and more robust functionality. It offers the same dynamic features with heavy duty pump, motor, frame and wheels, and is a valuable choice for those more harsh cleaning jobs, day after day, for many years.

Hustler Tank

Tank mounted units are designed for situations where water supply is limited and or very slow flow i.e. using gravity feed from remote tank or trough. Because a water blaster must have sufficient water for its capacity the tank provides sufficient water to the pump to prevent damage as well as reservoir for the by pass when not Blasting. The tanks are all fitted with a high flow ball cock allowing up to 30L/min input  or alternatively supply via the 230mm lid which also acts as access for cleaning. Water passes through a large filter preventing debris damage to the pump. Tanks are available as either 4L or as shown 35L, beyond this size becomes awkward  and bulky to transport for a single operator. If larger tank sizes are required please refer to trailer mounted units.

Compact Series

Galvanised trailer with 200L tank. Direct coupled pumps, electric start, H/P hose reel with 30m hose, Heavy duty unloader with Gun & Wand. There are three models to choose from with 10-16HP and various pump sizes.

Contractor Series

Powder Coated trailer with 450L tank. Petrol or Diesel motors electric startGear box driven  triplex Heavy duty  pumps, heavy duty unloader (by pass to tank) H/P hose reel with 40m hose + 30m L/P water supply reel,  with Gun & Wand. There are three standard models, or.. give us your requirements

* Units can be powder coated to your company colour.

Specialised High Performance Series

Galvanized trailer with either  polyprop or fiberglass 400-1000L tank. Diesel motors, water or air cooled, V drive 1450rpm pumps, H/P hose reel with 40m RT2 hose + L/P intake hose reel. Heavy duty unloader with Gun & Wand. These are custom built to individual specifications.