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Airmax Tradesman

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SYD1022 -  SUCTION FED SPRAY GUN General Purpose spray gun for all types of spray painting. One of the most popular requested spray gun on the market - Easy to operate ideal for all professional automotive spraying both primers & top coats. Nozzle size: 1.7mm, Air pressure: 45-70 psi, Air consumption: 8-12 cfm, Bowl capacity: 1 litre

 SYD77 -  SUCTION FEED SPRAY GUNProduction spray gun with selection of nozzle sizes - Professional spray gun ideal for professional automotive or the serious handyman. Nozzle size: 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, Air pressure: 50-80, Air consumption: 7-11 cfm, Bowl capacity: 1 litre

SFR77G -  GRAVITY SPRAY GUN Automotive and industrial production gun - Ideal for larger horizontal surfaces and difficult access. Just rotate the bowl to suit spraying angle. Nozzle size: 1.5mm, Air pressure:  50-80,  Air consumption: 7-11 cfm Bowl capacity:             0.4 (stainless steel cup)

SYD400 -  HVLP GRAVITY SPRAY GUNThis gun is proven very popular, providing excellent atomization & is well balanced with minimum operator fatigue. It is preferred by the discerning automotive painter. Nozzle size: 1.4mm, 1.8mm, Air pressure: 29-50 psi, Air consumption: 8.5-12 cfm, Bowl capacity: 0.6 litre

SYD411 - HVLP Gravity Spray Gun  High atomization with low nozzle pressure, designed from the JGA wide body gold gun, Excellent for heavier body automotive paints, User friendly all-round production gun. Nozzle size: 1.4mm, Air pressure: 60-75 psi Air consumption:8.5-12 cfm, Cup capacity: 0.6 litre

H815W - Gravity Gun Stands -  H815 is a professional type stand that not only allows quick gun location and support– also provides paint pre-filter for filling paint bowl. For the “professional”  in any paint spraying arena.