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Home Products Precision Pressure Blasters Industrial Electric Hot/Cold (400v)
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 Precision Hot Water Blasters  

Hot Water Blasters are ideal for the removal of grease and oil from surfaces and machinery, combining the superior cleaning ability of a traditional water blaster with the heat needed to move stubborn grease, grime, and oil. Each of the water blasters below are run by electricity (240v or 400v) for the pump unit, with a diesel burner to heat the water.  

A Precision Hot Water blaster is a work tool you can trust providing superior cleaning and trouble free operationcombined with Precision NZ’s back up service of parts and technical support from 15 service centre's NZ wide.

  Check out each model below for a full range of specifications and features


Picante 3590        240v

3550 is light, compact and ideal for occasional to medium demand  for small to medium workshops and factories, cleaning oily machines, radiators, road-grime as well as removing grease and wax.




Caldo 4590          240v

A very popular size machine which is compact and moveable. This is the largest output for single phase (15-20amp

Power and Performance to clean and degrease all grimy machinery and general food fats and wax in small to medium factories.  



Ravente 6670       400v

These are industrial rated units, with heavy duty motors ceramic piston triplex pumps and components. Ideal for everyday commercial demands in food factories, mechanical and engineering shops. 


Brucaire 7870      400v

Industrial rated heavy duty triplex pump and hot box are key features for continuous demanding work. Reliable & powerful with minimum maintenance needed. 


Vulcano 8880      400v

Vulcano offers up to 150degC  at a whopping 3600psi.  A very serious heavy duty steam cleaner, ideal for the very large surface and specialized applications  requiring super heat or steam at high pressure. 
Indent ordered only 

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