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DIY Pilot

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68000 - Pilot Type 68 -  GRAVITY CERAMICS SPRAY GUN Conical spray pattern – ideal for pottery work,glazes and putties. Very compact.  Nozzle size: 1mm,  Air pressure: 35 psi, Air consumption: 2-4 cfm, Cup capacity:  0.14l (stainless steel cup)

64000 - Pilot Type 64M -  GRAVITY SPRAY GUN Lightweight mini gravity spray gun - ideal for;  touch up work, blending in  or creating background on artwork. Small DIY automotive or furniture projects. Nozzle size: 1.6mm Air pressure: 35psi Air consumption: 4-6 cfm Cup capacity: 0.34l (stainless steel cup)

59000 - Pilot Type 59 -  GRAVITY SPRAY GUN Medium capacity gravity spray gun - Ideal for general purpose automotive & engineering spraying. Nozzle size: 1.6mm, Air pressure:  35-60 psi Air consumption: 8-10 cfm Cup capacity: 0.57l (stainless steel cup)

7000 - Pilot Type 70 -  GENERAL PURPOSE SPRAY GUN siphon cup type, Idea for ; base coat or primers, and top coat spray. General automotive and  engineering paint application work. Medium to heavy build paint materials. Nozzle size:1.7mm Air pressure:  35-70 psi Air consumption:  7-10 cfm, Bowl capacity: 1 litre (stainless steel bowl)

8000  - Pilot Type 80 -  GRAVITY SPRAY GUN A very popular gravity spray gun for home handyman to industrial applications– general machinery, agricultural and automotive—use for single and 2K paints. Nozzle size: 1.7mm, Air pressure: 35-70 psi, Air consumption: 7-10 cfm Cup capacity: 0.75l (stainless steel cup)

PO2000 - Pilot Type-02 -  GRAVITY SPRAY GUN  Relatively low pressure gravity gun for handyman to industrial applications– general industrial, agricultural and automotive medium to heavy viscosity materials -single and 2K paints. Nozzle size: 1.4mm, Air pressure: 40-60 psi,  Air consumption:9-15 cfm,0 Cup capacity: 0.57l (nylon cup)